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Interior Consultation - Terms & Conditions - August 2023

Terms and Conditions

  • The consultation is for one hour only and cannot be extended.

  • The consultation is for general advice and does not include any specific design plans or drawings.

  • The interior designer reserves the right to decline to provide a consultation if the client's needs are not a good fit for their expertise.

  • The client is responsible for providing the interior designer with any necessary information or materials prior to the consultation.

  • The client agrees to keep any information or ideas discussed during the consultation confidential.

  • The interior designer is not liable for any damages arising from the consultation.

  • The consultation must be scheduled in advance.

  • The consultation must take place at the interior designer's office.

  • The interior designer may take photographs or measurements of the space during the consultation.

  • The client agrees to allow the interior designer to use any photographs or measurements for marketing purposes.

  • The client agrees to pay the interior designer for any additional services that are rendered during the consultation, such as drafting design plans or drawings.

  • The client agrees to indemnify the interior designer for any damages that they may incur as a result of the consultations.